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donald_trump_august_19_2015_croppedThe topic on the wagging tongues of the populace is the current state of our nation and how it will (or will not) be changed by our president elect, Donald Trump. So many are confused as to how something like this could have occurred. How could a man like Donald Trump – someone that appears to embody so many of the negative aspects of our country – become POTUS? I, personally, am not shocked by it. I was not an avid supporter of either candidate and I will openly admit this. I think that we could have done better with who we chose as both democratic and republican candidates but at the end of the day that is neither here nor there. Who we supported no longer truly matters because the votes are in and the people have spoken whether it was through the collective vote, the electoral college, or through our silence.

So many were silent. It’s record breaking on how many people – we millenials – that just chose NOT to vote at all. Was it because we felt that our votes did not count? Was it because we thought that America would do the right thing with or without our assistance? Whatever the reason may have been from person to person WE collectively did not turn out and even if we had we don’t know if the ending result would have been the same. My social media group was split right down the middle between supporters of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. If everyone had turned out I doubt there would have been a stale mate or an overwhelming shift for one candidate or the other – once again, this is just my personal opinion and I’m not making excuses but the country seemed pretty equally divided on this vote.

What is throwing me off though is all of the disdain that Clinton vs Trump supporters have for one another. All I see on Facebook nowadays is the clash of the titans and written attacks against one group. People that are upset by the results of these elections are actively protesting and because that is how they choose to express their dissatisfaction with what has occurred they are labeled babies and whiners and are told that they need to get over it because they are clearly sore losers. It’s interesting to me because granted there was no coverage of huge riots or protests in the streets following the election of Barack Obama to POTUS half of the nation DID NOT just get over it because the popular vote had swung in his direction. If you think otherwise then just look back at the last eight years and how everything that Obama tried to put into place was challenged. Hell, do we recall Congress shutting down? No? No one?

*crickets chirping*

With that being said I think that we all need to take a deep breath and come back to reality. The POTUS cannot make a move without the support of congress. There are checks and balances at every level and really the POTUS is a figure head. He’s the face of a much larger group. Your concerns should be in the individuals that each state elects into the prestigious seats of our legislation. THESE are the individuals that hold the power.

Be angry. Don’t be angry. Celebrate. Mourn. Choose your coping mechanism but be kind to one another. You’ll still get up every day and function. You will still support your families. The people that were in your lives before will ultimately remain and if they don’t then they weren’t really your friends anyway. You are entitled to have a different view than someone else. You are entitled to express yourself but the attacks? It’s unnecessary.

I understand the fear that so many have due to the way that this election has turned out. People will always find a way to manipulate a situation to their advantage and there are a lot out there that now feel like they can say or do anything to anyone without repercussion. A lot are acting on that belief system like there is a new world order. I’ve questioned myself on bringing new life into this current state but that’s not just “Trump Induced” it’s something that I’ve worried about for years with each pregnancy. This world is not perfect. This world is full of evils that you never want to imagine could reach out and touch you or the people that you love. It’s just not new.

I’m TRUMPED out. I don’t want to hear about it anymore. I am a supporter of people and tolerance…of acceptance…of the observance and blending of cultures…of never ceasing to learn from others…of giving chances. I don’t wish for this man to fail. I wish for him to succeed because let’s face it — he is about to be our president and he will be “running” the country. I just hope that he does it right and that the people in his circle are for the people not just a select few.

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