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tgivingWhere is Ryan Gossling when you need him? Yesterday was absolutely exhausting from the early wake up to slave over the stove from about 8AM until 2:30PM, the washing of dishes in between each prep of a dish, the waiting game for everyone to show, finally sitting down to eat, remaining social, and THEN having to clean up once again following the festivities…OH, and did I forget to mention then having to sit up with a newborn? Last night was the first night that the first tier of stress was hit. I was lucky that my mother was here and happened to be up during my midnight run to the refrigerator to procure a bottle of breastmilk. She asked if I wanted her to take the baby and I was like OMG yes!

My first Thanksgiving as hostess was a success. I wish that my love had been able to participate but unfortunately he had to work. I put a plate aside for him like a good future wifey. Black Friday, however, is for recuperation. #exhausted

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