3 posts from month 12/2016

13 Ways of Looking At A Fat Girl #nowreading

Hopefully I will wrap up the reading of this novel by the end of next week. It's a bit hard to nail down anything as far as quiet time with a newborn, five, and seven year old plus a zoo of animals, mom visiting, and ...

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Parent Pick-Up

Same time every day. We parents all scurry to the school to be first in line to pick up our offspring when we are just outside of the bussing route. We bob and weave. Cut into open slots. Eye roll when the next jerk ...

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The Grinch Who Stole Checkbooks

So about this time last year my house was broken into in ABQ. The police believed it was two people that were behind it whom stole items from my fiancé, jewelry, and a set of my checkbooks. At the time my bank was to ...

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