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Indeed I do have a consistency problem with the frequency of my blog posts. However, as a means to prevent myself from sucking as much as I normally do I downloaded and used the handy WordPress app for my phone. I figured I could make hella posts on the go and chronicle the life and times of the brilliance that is set before you *I kid, I kid* So here I was updating away and what do I discover? The app hadn’t been posting NOR storing my posts! *Stomps foot irately* Needless to say there’s a missing chunk from this girl’s life for those of you that care to check in as I am rather antisocial over the phone at time (understatement of the year).

I suppose you snooze you lose but the good news is that I’ve begun writing again and I’ve managed to throw together a quick version of eFiction so that you can read what I write as it progresses and leave me feedback. The perk of the eFiction format is that you get what I write hot off of the presses. I get to see how you feel about things from characters, settings, plot lines, et cetera right away (if you leave a review which you will because you love me and you only want to see me continue to grow as an author – hard wink) so if there are things that need to be altered I can do so right away.

I’ll provide the in-house link to you write away and connect it in navigation – MAYBE.

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