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I am currently working on the second edition of my first novel, Wounded, which was previously released under the pen Nakia J. Harlan. As I began the revision process I was initially going in for grammar editing but on day one, after conversing with a friend that understands my process, my revamping may be a little more extensive. I’ll be removing irrelevant moments, adding in parts to draw things together, and doing an overall clean up. At this point I cannot say how much of it will change and how much of it will stay the same other than this will be the same story/concept. *thug shrug* I let the writing carry me but from the initial read of the first chapter that I’ve shot out to my circle the introduction is already a lot stronger than before and a lot more engaging!

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On this end, I’ll continue working on living up to and exceeding expectation. *winks*

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