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In my past life I was part of and ran book review sites. Now that I have returned to my passion of writing I am resurrecting book reviews alongside a friend or two that just happen to be some major bookworms! Book reviews are important not only to assisting an author in moving copies of their novels but also as a tool to further develop his or her writing skills. We all have the friends, family, and avid fans that tell us that everything that we produce is magnificent but the truth of the matter is that their opinions may (or may not, lol) be biased. What the author craves is an honest opinion and other readers want to know that they are not about to waste their time on a been there done that novel that is a carbon copy of everything else that they have seen on the market.

With that being said, we will now be accepting book review requests on RaeOvSun. Please click the link in the navigation to review our Review Policy and submit your piece. Due to real life we won’t be accepting everything shot our way – no one wants or can afford to be overloaded – but we will get to all that we can! LET THE JOURNEY BEGIN!

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