-  Books   -  WOUNDED 11.7.17 RELEASE!

The second edition of my first published novel, WOUNDED, is slated for release on 11.7.17! I am super excited for the completion of the revamp of this novel and the fresh new look! When I wrote this story it was an experiment for me as it was a step out of the box from my normally happy shiny romance novel. I had to investigate this. I had to ask questions. I wanted to make something honest no matter how uncomfortable it may have been. This story is entertaining but admittedly all of the characters are not likable but they, as you travel with them, are at least understandable. If I can bring an understanding to someone overseas about a hood in the US then I’ve done my job (side note: That review meant everything to me, hence, it is included in the beginning of the novel)! Stay tuned for the announcement of when pre-ordering can begin!

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