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Life is short. One minute we are here and the next we are not. It all happens in the blink of an eye. A birth. A life. A death. How much of our lives are we living? How much of it do we spend with our heads down buried in the sand caught up in what we fashion as the day-to-day? How much of it is stuck behind a desk, behind a computer screen, or behind a name tag? What does that name tag really represent?

What’s in a name?

Who are you?

Do you even know?

We are all put on this planet for a purpose and sometimes it takes our whole lives to fulfill that. If we had a higher conscience of self couldn’t we fulfill it quicker? Wouldn’t we ourselves feel more fulfilled in our everyday actions?

One of the things I was always told in my youth is that God gives us our natural talents and if we do not use them he will take them away. What is it that has always come most natural to you? Is it public speaking? Is it caregiving? Are you that all-around athlete? There is a reason for it. There is a purpose. So why are you sitting back working for someone else’s dreams as a cog in a their company when you can be doing what you were meant to do and managing your own life the way that he intended for you to do?

I believe that people come together for a reason. There is a higher goal and when you sit back and think about it just really explore the people in your life and ask why they are there? What is it that your circle of colleagues excel at? What do you excel at? Why have you come together? Let you give you my real life experience for a moment.

I write books. I am an artist. I used to be a great Photoshop artists as well but I tapped out for a few years so now I’m rusty but primarily the books – the writing – is what I am about. So I have a book and that is my product. Expand out from me, who has been placed in my life and why? At work alone I have a plethora of talent surrounding me. This is how this went down.

Me – I had an idea on a book

Ali [A Cup of Cake] – Write it! Write it! Write it! (My Personal Cheerleader and Cupcake Creator for The Stars)

Me – I’m writing a book

Marc – Let me remove these obstacles so you won’t be interrupted (Husband/Magic Maker)

Me – I wrote a book

Marc – This is what your cover should look like (Husband/Visionary)

Dominique – How do you get it out there? These are your tools. These are your venues. (Bestselling Women’s Romance Author on AMAZON)

Sara – I READ books, let me get you out there (Manager of All Managers)

Shelby – Let’s share it and set up book signings! (Social Media Goddess)

JP – Let’s market it (Photography and Design Connoisseur)

GetLost VIP – I’ve read your books, let’s take it to the next level! (The ABSOLUTE NEXT LEVEL OF LIFE)

Julie – You want shirts made? I MAKE shirts!

So all of the people with different talents all interacting with one another have allowed me to progress closer to my purpose and I can only hope that I have or am doing the same for them. All of this is to say that if there is something in you, driving you, pulling you to BE something then BE that thing. If God is putting all of these dynamic individuals around you then collaborate and learn from each and every one of them and be able to bring something to the table to bring them into their greater being as well.

I have a website. I have a platform. I want to not only find and have my own voice but also give a voice to others that normally would NOT speak up. I have recruited other authors/bloggers on my site. No editing. Raw emotion. Release what is in you so that you can come into who you are and be free of the things that are holding you down. Find your purpose beyond the name tag.


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