$6.23 is your change..

You can pray, you can beg, you can wash, rinse and repeat but when the end is near it now becomes your fault..again

You will see how much I meant to you..I was told, when I’m gone. His lip will quiver, he will look you in the face and it will be the real him telling you his truth.

But will you believe it this time? Even when you’re already gone? Can you bribe yourself this time things will change? Will you open your self to the repeated astronomical difference in conversation that you somehow think you remember from weeks past? Is this the truth or is it what you’ve been molded to think it’s truth..

Is this your change? Or is it his?

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    Harlyn October 15, 2017 (3:42 pm)

    I like this one, E. I both relate to it (past) and empathize with it because this is part of the relationship ebb and flow that is most uncomfortable. It sounds to me that it is about at that point where you have to decide do you want to put the change in your pocket or tell him to keep the change?

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