-  Blogging   -  Book Review: Jacqueline Willoughby by Schuyler Randall

[lead]Dear Readers, I now present to you my review of Schuyler Randall’s debut novel Jacqueline Willoughby! This was a really quick read that I was excited to get into. The premise really captured my attention. Click on the book cover to access my review of this piece. The synopsis is as follows:[/lead]

A string of mysterious murders rocks Birmingham, Alabama, in the page-turner Jacqueline Willoughby. At first glance, the murders seem to be connected to the Ten Commandments, but FBI agents Kason McAlester and Troy Stephens see that there is more to the story—and that a rare book written decades ago by a woman named Jacqueline Willoughby may have the answer to solving the crimes. 

Will the two agents be able to follow the trail of the old book and find the killer responsible for these grisly murders? You’ll have to read Jacqueline Willoughby to find out.

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