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Brysen Mann, author of The Xeno Manifesto

Today on Authors In Depth we bring you our Q&A with author Brysen Mann! Mann is the author of adventure fiction novel The Xeno Manifesto which we posted our review of last friday (4/06/18). We had the opportunity to ask him a few questions. Read on to find out more about the author and what is next in store for the series!

How did you develop the concept behind The Xeno Manifesto? 
It was an idea that hit me while driving one day that I believed would make an interesting screenplay. It developed into The Xeno Manifesto, the first of a trilogy as I could not finish my tale in one book.
Who, if anyone, was the inspiration behind Frank? 
Frank and Zach both have a lot of me in them. I identify with Frank quite a bit.
If there were a film adaptation who would you cast as Frank and Zach? 
I have actually thought of this quite a bit but still unsure. For Zach I get flashes of Michael Fassbender and for Frank, Tom Hardy.
The Tsiatko were a very interesting add in the book. I literally stopped reading to do cross referencing on Google. How much research did you have to do into the myth? 
I did a lot. I wanted to put a mix of realism to them without really describing them, leaving that to the imagination of the Reader.
Zach’s monologue in the cave had me on the edge of my seat with all of the theories and “facts” to his claims with the creation of the world and continual destruction! Where as a writer did you channel this from? 
I don’t know, to be honest. The story really just flowed like it was already written in my head.
How different are your leisure reads versus what you find yourself creating as an author? 
I don’t read at all actually, I haven’t for quite some time although I was an avid reader when I was younger. I especially make a point of not reading  now so that nothing clouds or influences my writing. I am growing as a writer and as I move along,  I want to ensure I write my stories, my way.
Can you think of a moment when you decided that you were meant to be a writer? 
This was when I was near the end of The Xeno Manifesto [the first book], I actually was still enjoying what I had written even though I had to read it several times. I believe I will continue to improve, creating narratives that will be interesting, fast paced and hopefully have something to say that will cause the Reader to pause and reflect.
What have you found to be most difficult and surprisingly easy as a writer? 
The most difficult part was/is the grammatical side of writing. There is a lot in the English language to be taken into consideration when creating proper sentence, paragraph and chapter flow. The easy part is the story. Like I mentioned before, like it’s always been there, just a matter of putting it on paper now that those reading will find enjoyable.
What were things that inspired you as a kid that now make total sense in who you’ve become as an adult? 
My life from child to now, has always been one of learning and will always continue to be so. The main thing that has always inspired me since I was a child is to challenge myself, to live outside that typical security blanket of life and that absolutely nothing will ever be handed to me. I have to earn what I get.
Is there a part two coming for The Xeno Manifesto or is this open to possibilities ending just that? 
Actually I have just finished writing the second one titled “The Xeno Manifesto – Reclamation“, am now editing it and will strive to release it in June 2018. The third I hope to have out by February/March 2019.

If YOU possessed The Orb what would you do with it? 

There is so much more to be revealed about the Orb that I wouldn’t dare comment on what i would do with it yet! 🙂

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