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Dear Readers, today I present my review of the science fiction novel, Doubt the Stars by Emily Selleck. If you are a fan of Shakespearean tragedies – namely Hamlet – this is an intriguing reimagining set in the futuristic setting of our civilization in space that will draw you in. As always click on the book cover to read my take on it but before you do check out the story’s premise below!

Doubt the Stars by Emily Selleck: The Synopsis

Henley’s father is dead.

But returning home from her studies abroad, the crown princess of the planet D’marc discovers that his absence isn’t the only thing in her life that’s been turned upside down: her mother has already remarried, passing the throne to her new husband, the uncle Henley once adored. And there’s the ghost: a bold but enigmatic apparition, wandering the cold, metal corridors of Elsinore Station, seeking justice for the unjustifiable.

Betrayed by her own family and unwilling to involve the woman she loves, Henley is left with only the trust of her best friend and a fierce determination to expose the truth of her father’s death: for her home, for herself, for the people she cares about. Even if that truth calls into question everything she has ever believed in—even if it stretches the very limits of her mind.

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