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Dear reader, this week I present to you my review of David Abare’s novel The Swing Over the Ocean which follows the path of unlikely hero Stephen as he makes one life altering decision that changes his entire course. This one was solid so definitely read the official synopsis below and click the book cover within this post to read my review. If you haven’t done so already or find yourself interested after reading the details then get the book here.

 The Synopsis

A man saves a little girl, and as his world changes overnight, he hopes he can save himself.

Stephen Alexander shouldn’t have been there that day. He lives in her apartment yet spent the afternoon at the motel with another. Hours later he hears a girl scream, bravely intervenes, and then his world goes dark. Now millions want to know who he is-thinking he’s one man-while he’s sure he’s another. 

The Swing Over the Ocean is a story about love amidst dysfunction, fear, and coming to understand what it means to forgive. It’s also a story about the bravery in the willingness to change, despite the comfort in remaining the same.

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