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Good morning readers! May has proven to be absolutely hectic not only for myself but also for my fellow reviewers! As I type I’m about to board yet another plane for my day job. With that being said I will update the secondary queue on the main page this afternoon so that the authors will be aware if they are the next item up for bid for our read and review. We get A LOT of submissions daily and try to post regularly every Friday so even with that practice going the wait may appear to be long. Please keep that in mind before you submit and also even after I’ve sent you an initial email to get you into queue number two.

Over the weekend I received a review from one of my reviewers so that will also be posted this afternoon (Monday instead of last Friday this go round, my friends, life happens lol). I’ll be checking and responding to emails around this time as well. Thank you guys for your continued interest and for trusting us with your work! More soon!

For those that were following my blog for my “inspirational” posts, food for thought, or just my daily grind and thoughts I will get back into that this week as well. Adulting has been so hard haha but I’ve got plenty to share.

Love ya!


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