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Andrea Lechner-Becker, Author of Sixty Days Left

It has been a long time since I’ve happened upon a personality online that has intrigued me. Those that know of my writing past know that I began writing in fandoms and from that venue accumulated a handful of lifelong friends and connections some of which are now very successful authors, designers, etc. I put out a simple request for a new reviewer here on RaeOvSun and the very first response that I received was from this magical woman named Andrea Lechner-Becker.


She’s saucy.

The first book review that I read from Andrea on her website drew me in. No-nonsense. Straight-forward. BLUNT. Honest. There was no sugar-coating, no frosting, it was just what we authors truly need and deserve. We think we want glowing reviews all the way around but in order for us to grow we need the critical as well. That, and the fact that she had a novel that was soon to be released piqued my interest. Her writing, even as a reviewer, drew you in. I couldn’t wait to see what her novel read like.


Where are you from?

WisCONsin. We were reared in the same state so we stick together! HA! If you’re interested in winning a free autographed copy of Andrea’s novel then perhaps you should commit that to memory.

60 Days Left – Now Available

Almost 40% of Americans will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. Small town Willow rarely found herself on the right side of the odds. And so, at thirty, her six-months-to-live diagnosis seemed almost fateful. Now, she has two months to reconcile decades of tragedy, from a toxic marriage to being raised by her unsentimental Vietnam veteran father, all while navigating a transition from Wyoming’s wide-open high desert to Portland’s hipster oddities. Refreshingly honest and intimate, Willow’s reflective and poetic diary entries countdown her last sixty days as she shares her history in lost love, denied dreams and a surprisingly uplifting lesson for the living. With heart and soul, this debut novel explores the taboo topic of life on the threshold of death’s door.

Buy your copy here today and be sure to leave a review when you’ve wrapped up your reading! How many times will you have the opportunity to review the reviewer?


I can’t say it better than the author herself. Read below…and sign up here.

The Mission

Everyone says you shouldn’t take today for granted, but in the middle of daily life, how can you actually practice gratitude consistently? This club is for people who want to commit to a SINGLE act of gratitude daily for 60 days. Together, we’ll make the world a little better and enjoy it a little more.


For more about Lechner-Becker visit her website.

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