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In case you missed it, I snuck in a book review yesterday of Phil Williams’ steampunk dystopian novel, Aftan Whispers! It is part of a series arch which, from this reading, will be QUITE the adventure in its entirety. Check out the official synopsis below and click on the book cover to access my review! Happy reading!


As the days grow darker in the Estalian Empire, young Tyler stays positive by helping others. But when he meets a girl on the run with enemies in the highest places, Tyler’s life gets complicated fast. Deni isn’t afraid to kill, and she’s got a secret that could tear apart the sky.

In a mortal chase that takes them from a besieged city across the war-torn countryside, Tyler soon discovers that the Empire’s guardians are their most dangerous foe. Worse still, Deni is faced with a terrible choice: remain hidden and save herself – or expose herself to prevent the oncoming darkness.

If you’re looking for a visceral ride packed with steampunk machines, stunning action sequences and ambiguous moral choices, you’ll love Phil Williams’ latest post-apocalyptic adventure.

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