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We have Conversations. Over Coffee.

Conversations Over Coffee is RaeOvSun’s Official Book Club. We share and discuss a few of the books that have been submitted to the site, our personal favs, and what we would like to read. This month we have selected a very special author and her extremely important debut novel to read collectively as our BOTM: BOOK OF THE MONTH. Interested in joining us? Click the link here to join our absolutely FREE club, get your copy, and prepare to discuss (if you so choose) with us in July!

This is Andrea. Andrea Writes Books.

Andrea Lechner-Becker, Author

We wrote a whole article on this lady. If you haven’t already — READ IT! Then do some lurking (in a non-creepy way) on her website.

This is Sixty Days Left. Andrea Wrote it.

It is doing amazingly well since it’s release. We can’t wait to read it and I’m sure YOU, faithful reader, cannot wait either!

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