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I’ve always been one of those girls that prefers the company of men as opposed to other women and it’s not because I enjoy being the center of attention. Girls just act like girls. They’re sneaky, catty, and backhanded and ultimately are just the worst. Clearly that’s a generalization for dramatic effect as I have a handful of female best friends but for the most part they all reside in states other than the one that I call home. That alone has been extremely difficult for me to deal with with the added tidbit of those male friends that I’ve accrued periodically making the attempt at that ill-fated leap from the friends box into no-man’s land because I’m just not that into you.

When I do make what I think is a legitimate friendship with another human being at the very least I expect them to be loyal to the cause no matter what that cause is. We are human. We all make mistakes and experience Freudian slips by saying things that we just shouldn’t say and inevitably to the wrong people at just the right moment to make us look like treacherous assholes. One thing we all know for certain though is that we do not cross the line of proclaimed territories. Even if we are not going to thrust our flagpoles into the dirt, if we’ve stated that we have cast our eyeballs upon an available member of the species, we as friends just don’t pursue that specimen for ourselves.

We’re a little too old to be so shady and I do not care what the cause of it was I’m just not that interested in forgiveness especially when the information is passed down to me through the grapevine and not the person involved. Maybe this is the way of the world today. In all of our relationships loyalty has become optional, perhaps even recommended, but by no means is it considered to be a requirement or prerequisite for the position of friend or lover that people apply for in this day and age.

Friendships have become so superficial. We take pictures and hashtag and tag our BFFs forever but the second that they are no longer in close proximity, transfer out, change locations then they become nothing more than part of the periodic “This day three years ago” posts on FB and now Snapchat memories. By now I’m used to it. I’m that “friend” that always gets phased out over time because I’ve moved. I’m a mover and a shaker. May as well be an army brat because my hat may kiss that hook but it never rests long enough to be hung there.

I don’t know how women today make and maintain genuine friendships with one another. I hit it off with a lot of people but that inner circle is tight. I’m team no new friends but I am open for acquaintances. All of my dirty little secrets go into one diary and one diary only. She’s a blond with a costume grill.

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