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I dreamed that while walking into my backyard a lion cub approached me. It was beautiful, innocent, and of course completely out of place. As I drew closer to it I came to realize that it was not alone. The entire pride had taken up residence in my yard. I started to withdraw as the alpha lioness headed in my direction with the sheepish male, full glorious mane, began to stir. I managed to keep her calm enough as I backed away to escape into the safety of my home.

From inside, staring out of the sliding glass doors, I began to try to call animal control to address the situation. With repeated calls, noting that they had dug holes in the yard and had created burrows almost like gophers, I saw my neighbor (our backyards separated by a wood fence) drawing near the danger in his vehicle. I tried to warn him through the glass not to get out as the pride had begun to dig at the bottom of the fence to get to hin. Of course, in true horror movie style, his curiosity got the best of him just as the pride.

I finally got 9-1-1 on the line and, for whatever reason, I had to get into my own car to meet with them. I drove out, met with one at a house, and explained to him what I had seen. At the end of my tale two other officers showed up and asked why I had not stayed at the house and that they had utilized the tracking on my phone to meet me. We then all left together so that I could lead them to the chaos and to hopefully remove these wild beasts from my home.

This dream transpired the same night my kids’ father came to pick the toddler up for the night as he had been crying for him uncontrollably out of the blue. Make of the dream what you will. I literally threw up not even 20 minutes after they had departed. My best friend stated that it was suppressed emotions. I’ve been compartmentalizing so much that the anxiety creeps out in whatever way that it can. By no means do I not trust him. He’s a good father to all three of our children. So what does it all mean?

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