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I don’t know how I even stumbled across these beautiful works of art by artist Joseph Lee this morning but I felt the need to pay it forward and share it with you all. He has a very organic and original style that is truly awe-inspiring. Perhaps it will inspire some of you authors out there to dive a little deeper into your creative minds as you CREATE today.

As I start my morning off with a hot cup of coffee I’m trying to determine if today will be my sketch day, writing, or music. I bounce from medium to medium depending on where the mood takes me. I, like many others, am a vessel through which art flows through. I was asked the other day where I get my ideas from and honestly things just strike me throughout the day. It could be during a conference call where clearly I need to be plugged in, ha, but something will just hit me and I have to jot it down before I lose the spark.

What are you currently working on?

What is the inspiration?

What story are you seeking to tell?

Paint the picture.