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You turn 1 Million years old and then you want to play with color! Ha! My twenties didn’t feel like years of self-discovery for me. They felt more like dumb ass decisions and sacrificing my soul for others. My thirties, thus far, feel like the beginning of finding out who I am as a person and experiencing new things with a confidence that I did not have before. One of my small steps for mankind this month has been safely experimenting with hair color. *winks*

I’ve slowly dyed my hair from its natural dark brown color to a bright blond in the past. I don’t play with bleach so it was a slow process of lightening more and more from browns to blondes until I reached the desired effect. I’ve also temporarily dyed my hair a deep burgundy before. You know, safe colors, lol. This go round after being sucked in by an Instagram post like most of us are nowadays I was hipped to this new fad of colored hair waxes.

MOFAJANG Hair Color Wax

I did a little research like every smart consumer should do before bandwagoning with the masses and doing something that I would inevitably regret. This stuff is being hawked by a lot of different online businesses but most aren’t smart enough to even change up the labeling much (if not at all) from the ACTUAL vendor/creator of the product. MOFAJANG is actually the producer of this colored hair wax. From what I have seen you can obtain their product from venues like Walmart and my absolute obsession Amazon. Proud PRIME member who will buy unnecessary items in order to get what I want on same-day delivery. (I have a problem and I admit it.) So, of course, I obtained my very own canisters of colored greatness from Amazon.

MOFAJANG boasts that their product is a temporary hair coloring wax which will not stain your hands, harm your hair, and can be easily washed out. True, true, and true from my experience. It was easy to apply like your every day hair creams (naturals, you know what I am talking about) and dries pretty quickly. I was impatient with waiting so I applied it to my hair in sections while waiting for my son to get out of school – literally fifteen minutes before he had to be picked up – and I was good to go. I ordered a magenta color that came packaged as red so I was already a bit worried but once I opened it, it was as expected for the magenta.


My plan was, one, I think pink dye on naturally curly hair is absolutely beautiful so let’s do this, coupled by, two, it was Valentine’s Day the very next day so if I didn’t like it I could go with this was for the day of love only and I would wash it out. The turnout was LEGIT though so even though I got a few stares from a few of my employees (live a little, y’all) I and many others loved it. I kept it through the weekend, went out for girls night, and actually got a lot more “attention” with it for you single ladies that like to go out and boost your ego a little bit, lol. I was sad to have to wash it out at all, to be honest, but there is enough in the jar to do this more than a few more times and I also purchased a few more in blue and gold (which from what I’ve seen on YouTube looks to be a honey brown on darker hair which is up my alley).

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My overall review on this is going to be five stars. It was easy to use, easy to remove, did what it promised and did nothing foul to my hair. It actually really defined my curls without that heavy or crunch feeling that you get from a lot of gels. The ONLY downfall I would say is that it flakes a little bit (be prepared for that when you are trying to style your hair) but it’s saving grace is that dust away and that it doesn’t stain. Just wash your hands after you style and get pass it. It’s life. I’ve seen a few influencers use hair oils on their hands first before styling. Some of the color will come off when you do this but you can just reapply it if you feel like a lot has come off, which in my case, didn’t happen. It was light removal. I will definitely say that if your hair is straight or thin this COULD come across as heavy so I probably wouldn’t do it in this case. Its definitely ideal for curly hair but it is safe on all hair types. It’s also not high in price so you really aren’t losing anything if you are disappointed in the results.

If you want to do something fun with your hair and keep it TEMPORARY then definitely do this! I loved it and will continue to use it for a while. I’m in heavy debate right now between the blue and the gold right now just on which will be next. Vote?!

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