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Another instance of me getting sucked in by an Instagram ad… A razor made especially for women…blah, blah, blah…I didn’t expect to be blown away because it’s a razor. There’s no stampede for that. I’ve been using a pretty dope razor from Harry’s in a nice army green which has been just fine for me. I like the color and I’m not really into that whole “made for men vs made for women” thing. If it works for me or looks good on me then I’m going to use it regardless of who the intended audience is. Lucky for Flamingo that particular day that I decided to bite…because I like getting things in the mail that are not bills. It’s like Christmas in July!

I took a chance and rolled the dice and placed my order. It didn’t take an unusually long time to arrive but I have been spoiled by Amazon so I didn’t get it the next day. We’ve already talked about my disorder of instant gratification that Amazon has passed on to me so there’s that hahah! When it did arrive, though, I was super excited to receive it and purposely did not shave the next few days to ensure appropriate testing of the merchandise. Peach fuzz would do no one any good for a razor test now would it?

Once I received my handy dandy new gift I took inventory because I am that kind of gal. My first thought was: Nice box. For real. I like boxes as part of marketing so attention to detail like this works for little old me and the snippet about being hairy made me lol. I’ve used marketing with boxes myself for RaeOvSun so now it’s one of my joys. Anyway, I digress. The starter package arrives with the razor ready to go, and extra razor + a pack of 4 additional cartridge refills, the hanger to store the razor in the shower, lotion, shaving gel and the cute purple carrying case. The lotion and shaving cream smell GREAT, the case was cute, and all I can say is presentation, presentation, presentation!

The Flamingo Razor. Get yours at ShopFlamingo.com

Now to what you really care about… I am a G when it comes to shaving but this joker right here CUT ME!!! Now I know some people see that as a negative but I do not. That means proceed with caution because these blades are serious and will give you the trim you desire. There are grips on the back of the razor itself so there’s no slippage while you are using it. It’s got a nice rubber to it accented by the rose gold and as advertises it goes with all of your curves.

The accompanying shaving gel and lotion — I don’t normally use shaving gel to be perfectly honest with you and when I do it’s just because I felt like being a little extra during my shopping adventure. The only one that I’ve stuck to for all of a few days was EOS which I still think is a pretty good brand to go with since it moisturizes the skin at the same time. Flamingo’s shaving gel (or foam *shrugs*) as aforementioned smelled great and the lotion really complimented it after. No dryness. Perfectly smooth.

Five stars to Flamingo. It was well priced, worked as advertised, and they convinced me to use the accessories that I don’t normally use. Good product!

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