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On 02/10/19 my middle baby and only girl, Laila Belle, turned 8 years old! She’s lucky. I told her if she kept misbehaving she would have to stay seven for another year and she was terror-stricken! (Yep, I am that type of mom) We made a bunch of plans to do this and that but unfortunately things fell through with our normally beautiful weather out here in Texas nosediving on the day of her event. What I ended up doing instead was taking her on a shopping spree to pick out whatever toys and books that she wanted and though she walked the aisles for what seemed like an eternity she finally settled on a few items that meant something to her. I was very excited by the fact that she was so interested in picking up books as well. I’ve come to find that’s becoming a rarity for children to get lost in books so having at least one kiddo that is into them, especially being an author myself, makes me feel like I’ve done something right somewhere along the line.

Following early morning shopping we had intended to drop by a local eatery called NOLA which serves beignets since we are a big fan of Louisiana-style cooking. Unfortunately that was another bust as the venue was packed with a line we just could not wait in since we had already been out for quite some time and were super hungry by that point. We drove around the area for a little bit to see if there was an alternative that was a bit close to where we had initially planned to go. We ended up at compact but beautiful spot called FEAST.

Laila reviewing the menu @FeastSA

We walked in with Laila’s older brother Jaiden in tow and I instantly though, oh my, this is not a place for children! I’d seen a few photos posted on the restaurant that had other kiddos featured so I didn’t expect the restaurant to be so fancy but here we were. The vibe was very shiek in all white and clear plastic chairs, chandeliers, and large picturesque windows. It was definitely MY kind of a scene but maybe not so much for the littles. The hostesses appeared to be straight off of a cover of vogue with beautiful faces, long legs, and one with a buzz cut. Yes, I pay attention to details. We were asked about reservations which of course we didn’t have one because we were roaming the area but were quickly seated nonetheless. Our waiter was very attentive and since all of the drinks were for adults we all settled on water though I would have loved a mimosa.

Blueberry Pancakes!

Laila breezed through the menu and made a quick decision on what she would like to eat. Jaiden was a bit disenchanted but that’s because he had his brooding boy thing going on for the day. They ordered blueberry pancakes and sausages wrapped in bacon. I will warn you that if you venture out to this restaurant – which I am encouraging you to do – go with an appetite. The name is not just to be alluring. Your meal will be a FEAST. The two pancakes on each child’s plate were the actual size of the plates themselves. HUGE *in my Trump voice*. They barely made a dent in them though they bulldozed their way through the pancake wrapped sausages with ease and requested more. I on the other hand went with their french toast which was absolutely to die for.

Blackberry & Pistachio French Toast

Since it was Laila’s birthday I snapped a few shots of her and tagged the establishment on Instagram. One of their employees shortly thereafter came out to wish Laila a happy birthday stating that he had seen the post. It was a great nod from the restaurant and she was happy to have been acknowledged. Great customer service, friendly patrons that stopped to speak with us and wish Laila a Happy Birthday, and nice vibe with a mix of genres playing in the background for music. We walked in listening to Diana Ross and I dug it! I recommend stopping in whenever you get the chance to go in SA! I will definitely be returning with a few of my adult friends so that I can have drink or two and would love to see what is on the menu AFTER brunch!

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