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Pseudonym Harlyn, Sara A and Sara S

We’ve been entertaining the thought of doing a podcast for a very long time. The idea evolves regularly just as that of a YouTube channel/talk show has morphed. Originally Schuppes and I had talked about hosting our own YouTube channel many many moons ago where we would sit around and talk crap, interview guests, tell pervy stories, so on and so forth. Our dream kind of fizzled away when we were separated at birth, lol, I mean when we no longer lived in the same state due to transfers within our company. The idea came back up when I wanted to push for a book club and instead of sitting around and talking about it we would talk about it on camera for an audience. Sara liked the idea as did my Quality Specialist JP whose wife was an avid book reader (our lovely Monique) and his daughter (Alexis) was practicing her filming/directing skills for school so it all just came together so well. Schuppe had transferred to the area and our four key players were in place for Conversations Over Coffee!

We have a new episode queued up and ready to go but in the meantime, have you checked out the behind the scenes clips under the book club link? We’re silly girls even though we try to be serious. Shame on it all…

Wait…I thought we were talking about a podcast?

The podcast idea came up in an unrelated way just before we started talking about doing COC. We (Sara, JP and I) were always getting into debates about current events and such at work. It was becoming so regular that we all thought, man, we should just do a podcast where we can do this all day and our listeners could chime in. Sara likes to fight, man, and I like to fight her because I like to instigate. Our original lineup was the three of us + Marc (then fiance) and we were going to call the podcast SJNM (I think — hell, I can’t remember) but alas that did not come to be…at least not with that lineup.

Nikki, Sara S and Sara S – Yeah, that happened…

Now we’re thinking we want to do this podcast as Two Saras & A Nikki (because y’all shall not mispronounce my name so you’re getting an easy peasy nickname). We’re all wildly different women in power positions in different transitions in our lives, all single, but in different ways. We all met at the right time for one another and though there is plenty of side eye there’s a bond that though shaken when stirred will not break. Maybe there’s something to it. Maybe we’ll let you hear it for yourselves. Maybe we’ll keep cackling in my living room in the middle of the night like a bunch of teenagers talking about things we shouldn’t in secret…but everyone wants in on secrets…

Schuppe Monster Mashing…on film. Because Nikki is a d*ck!

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