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Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name and you’re always glad you came…that place for me is The Winchester Pub in San Antonio! I don’t do a lot of bar hopping because I’m usually very unimpressed when I arrive and the mood does not change before the conclusion of the evening. The Winchester Pub, however, did not disappoint! This location is set in a corer pocket nook on Broadway St which has become my favorite niche part of town as of late. All hardwood everything is what you should expect from the moment you walk up the cobblestone stairway into their establishment.

Everything is polished and the staff welcomes you into their door with open arms. On my first venture there (I’ve been multiple times since) I popped in with Sara while we were running a muck around town one afternoon. It was lunch time and we needed to unwind so we breezed through local spots online and landed at The Winchester.

At the time of our visit there was only one other patron there but he was cheerful as he watched ESPN and greeted us warmly. We stole a spot in one of the booths and were quickly served our drinks of choice Modelo Negra. As for food I do not recall what Sara had ordered on our first visit and I am sure it is because it paled in comparison to my epic order of firmented eggs breaded in chorizo and BACON. Yes, you read that right, a completely separate order of BACON! I could go on and on about both dishes but I will let the photos below speak for themselves.

Fermented eggs breaded in chorizo @The Winchester Pub in San Antonio.
Bad Ass Bacon & Pretzels @ The Winchester Pub

One of the pulls about The Winchester Pub outside of the beautiful venue and amazing staff is that on Thursday nights they hold Karaoke Night. The KJ (Karaoke Jockey) is engaging and will let you know that anything you want to sing to he will find. A few co-workers of mine had a karaoke-off for a team challenge that I had orchestrated there and we had a ball! Picture a one to one battle and then somewhere in the end ALL of us on stage as backup. Tons of fun!

The pub also boasts a party room that we have already booked for our 2019 Christmas event for our staff. This is definitely the place to be and to bring your friends to. I love it and once you’ve visited it on your own I hope that you do as well!

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