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This local cafe was suggested to me by JP of the famous Travieso family and has also been reviewed by Monique on @CoffeeAndBooksSA so make sure you check them out and get Monique + Alexis’ take on this spot! As of today I have visited this location twice and am overdue for another stop in so that should tell you in advance that this is a GREAT shop. It is located on the Southside of San Antonio and is truly unforgettable.

One of the draws of Folklores is that it offers its customers CBD oil shots to their coffees. I had never tried CBD oils prior to my trip but had been told of the medicinal attributes of it for both pain and anxiety and that despite public belief it is NOT marijuana nor does this organic oil give the same heady feel that THC does. I, like many others, didn’t believe this at first but once again, did my homework and found it to be true. Folklores was a good place to try it out for the first time and if you would like more than just the shot in your latte they also house the Lady of Grace CBD Shop within. If you go to their IG link right there you’ll see me featured for a hot second, lol. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable and will school you if you’ll allow them to bend your ear.

Siouxie @Folkores

During my visit(s) I’ve tried both the Siouxie and the Oreo based cold beverage which the name has escaped me at present. Both were absolutely to die for and absolutely MUST be tried be everyone. I also enjoyed a bagel with “the lox” as I like to call it.

Lox Bagel @ Folklores

Folklores serves up more than just coffee. Of course there is food but that’s not what I’m getting at here. They also are serving up community events that you will totally want to take part in. They host poetry nights, yoga sessions, and many other events that they open up their business to in order for people in the community to both facilitate and participate in! There is also the cutest thing I’d seen where a local girl scout troop built what looks like a doll house. It is actually a small library where you can drop off books and pick some up for your own reading pleasures. (I’ve been meaning to go drop off a few copies of my books there but here I am typing instead of driving over and delivering, lol)

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