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Dear Readers, today I present to you my review of Matthew de Lacey Davidson’s novel PRECEPT. This is my second read from this author and for fans of historical fiction this will be up your alley! Davidson is a great writer and will draw you into his pieces!

SYNOPSIS: Dublin, Ireland – Autumn, 1845.  A young Irish boy, Nathan Whyte, whose life has been uneventful up to this point, is present at the arrival of a celebrity who has stepped off a boat that has just rolled into the harbour from the United States of America.  This famous guest has recently achieved much renown (or notoriety, depending on the viewpoint) as an exemplary writer, and one of the greatest orators of his age – in an age of great oratory.  At first confused, Nathan’s curiosity is piqued as he slowly realises that this man – Frederick Douglass – the greatest voice of abolition of his day – whose talent for shattering ignorance is unique – entrances his audiences with his eloquence, dignity, sharp wit, and unparalleled public speaking skills.

You can check out my review of this piece here.

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