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One of my 1st nights out following my breakup was with Sara when she invited me out to go see Good Charlotte in concert. I wasn’t thrilled, no lie, because I couldn’t sing a lyric of a Good Charlotte song to you. Yes, I knew who they were. I attended a private school for a while so I would be lying to you if I said that I didn’t. Lifestyle of the Rich and The Famous was the first thing that came to mind but not much else other than that. Oh, yeah, there were twins. One was with Cameron Diaz and the other with Nicole Richie, right? I’m at least right about Nicole Richie for sure.

Anyway, I wasn’t thrilled but I wanted to go out because I needed to detox from my home situation (at the time we were still living together though we had separated) and I knew that she most DEFINITELY needed a night out herself. Something strange occurred toward the end of last year. Almost all of my friends and myself ended or neared ending our serious relationships, engagements, or marriages. It seemed like there was something in the atmosphere at the time that just said EFF THIS its broken and you will never be able to fix it. It sucked that it was happening but it was good that we all, in some capacity, had one another.

I hadn’t been to a concert since I was in college. The last one I remembered was a club show that my then-roomie Amanda had taken me to featuring The Velvet Teen (are they still together?). Either way it went I was married to the idea that I was going to have fun and I was going to look good while doing it. I painted my face, I did my hair, I dressed casual but “schmexy” and hit the streets with my sister. See the photos below:

Face Paint for Girls Night Out!
Sara & I in Concert, lol
Our One-Nighter Clique

It may not have been my scene but I went and the moral of the story is that you just have to let loose sometimes and go with it. You have to release your inhibitions and just have a good time at any and every moment that presents. It was just Sara and I out to blow off steam but we made some temporary friends that night hahaha you know that goes and enjoyed our one-night clique before we dispersed to enjoy the rest of our night. We clowned in public like a bunch of kids dancing and running through the streets of downtown because you know what? Sometimes you have to LIVE in color and not just dream about it…

Good Charlotte, you rocked it. Great show and, hey, I remembered more songs than just Lifestyle once the show started! AHAHA! Sara, thanks for forcing me to come out even through I didn’t want to because that is what friends are for and I had a good time…even though that chick spilled her beer and some of that splash hit my new Fenty’s…don’t do me, concertgoers!

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