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One of the crusades that I’m on right now is self love. I’ve spent a lot of my life and inevitably will continue focusing on others because that is who I am, however, I am practicing including myself into my care program. I am trying to be more conscious not only with what I am putting IN my body but also what I am putting ON it and the energy that I am surrounding myself with. I stumbled upon Organically while venturing out on a lunch break to try Brews Lee Tea (I’ll upload a post about them as well) on Broadway. I picked up a few items and have not looked back since.

The timing was actually perfect. I had just watched a documentary on Netflix called STINK Click that link if you would like to know more about it. In short it is about all of the chemicals that are put into the things that we wear, our bath soaps, our cleaning material, so on and so forth. These major players in the industry don’t have to disclose everything that is used because they can brandish it with “trade secrets” or “proprietary” information. It’s really heavy so definitely watch the film. After seeing it, low and behold, I stroll into Organically where every ingredient is TRULY organic.

The Wonderful Wall of SOAP @OrganicallyBathBeauty

Soaps, candles, body washes, bath bombs…you name it and this place has it. All handmade. All love.

Mr & Mrs Nabors of @OrganicallyBathBeauty

Sara and I had the privilege to meet one of the co-owners during our visit. He informed us that he and his wife had started their business in 2013 following inspiration from their daughter whom at the age of 13 had developed severe eczema. They began formulating products for her and following introduction of their creations to family and friends they opened up their own business. Mr. Nabors was very passionate about what he and his wife had created together and that energy was just so inspiring.

My small collection of products from Organically Bath & Beauty include a Rosewater bath soap which I absolutely adore (it has replaced my nearly full container of Dove), Luxury Rosewater body scrub (divine, child) and Vanilla Bean whipped mousse. My skin feels so much healthier using these products. The second that I opened the bath soap my whole bathroom came alive! LOL there was no need for candles (though they have those too, UPSALE!) because the scent was so lovely it felt like I was at a day spa.

If there is anything that you do this year, treating yourself should be one of those things. TREATING YOURSELF BETTER. You deserve it and you deserve to do it utilizing these products. If you do not live in the San Antonio area they have a second location in Helotes, TX as well as an online store. They do make appearances at the local farmer’s market so go out and Meet the Nabors!

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