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Dear readers, today I present to you my review of An Empty Nest: A Summer of Stories by the very talented author Sandy Day! This novel was a quick yet powerful read for me and I am hoping that you have taken the opportunity to read it for yourself. We will be conducting some giveaways this month in June so make sure that you are staying tuned so that you are able to win your own copy of An Empty Nest! Below is the official synopsis of this novel and to the right feel free to click on the book cover in order to read my review of this piece!

An Empty Nest by Sandy Day

Her kids are gone.

Her husband is gone.

She is slammed by an unexpected grief after her daughter moves out. This is why, relocating from her small messy apartment in the city sounds like a reasonable thing to do. 

But can living with her sisters at the cottage be a good idea?

As she grapples with encroaching woodland creatures, one middle-aged woman encounters ghosts from her past including alcoholism, sibling abuse, and her father’s death. 

Amid a summer of thunderstorms, noisy cottage renters, and the clamor of birdsong, can a reckoning with her sisters unfold? 

You’ll love this poignant short read because it will make you laugh and it will make you cry as it fearlessly portrays life beyond the empty nest.

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