Are You Uncomfortable Enough Yet?

Are You Uncomfortable Enough Yet?

Change is inherently uncomfortable. That old saying that anything worth having is worth working hard for is 110% correct. To eradicate old habits and begin new positive ones to facilitate change takes a considerable amount of effort. It is WORK! That little monkey on your back is probably whispering in your ear right now saying, Boo, you don’t want to do that! That looks like too much effort! We don’t want to be uncomfortable! Here’s what you need to realize: You’re already uncomfortable. If you weren’t you wouldn’t be seeking out resources to make that discomfort go away. You wouldn’t be looking for a way to change.


At whatever age you are currently sitting at you have been repeating the same behaviors and patterns for quite some time. You have routines and actions that you feel work for you. An example is perhaps you get up an hour and a half before work so you can shower, get your clothes out, iron them, do your hair and makeup, and rush out of the door just in time to hit the clock at your job. That is your routine. It’s comfortable. Why don’t you pick your clothes out the night before and iron them? You could sleep in a little bit longer. It’s not a change to your entire routine but it’s enough to shave off a little time in your morning. Small changes, minor updates to your habits, can make a huge amount of difference over time.


Changing up your look and style can be a great catalyst of change. When you revamp your wardrobe, style or cut your hair differently, or try out a new makeup look it can leave you feeling renewed. It’s good motivation. I feel like 100 bucks when I throw on my heels and a blazer. When I’ve tried out something new with my hair and it’s fabulous it boosts my confidence. I feel like more of a go-getter so I’m more productive. I’ve given myself an attitude adjustment and it influences the rest of my actions throughout the day.


Hurray! You’ve got a new outfit and a new ‘do! You can now tackle the world! Well, does that really fix everything? To make genuine changes you must pinpoint the things that need to be changed. From there you need to prioritize on what are high impact items. Break up your goals. What things need immediate attention (short-term) and what things can be put on hold (long-term). When I say put on hold I don’t mean that they are less important or that they shouldn’t be worked toward. We have to be able to step back and put our ducks in a row. Our goal is to get a new job but that job requires we hold a certain degree. That makes the immediate goal registering and enrolling in the required classes and completing the course. You are still working toward the long term goal but the short term must be completed first in order to achieve the long term.


It’s natural to point the blame. We don’t like to admit that but it’s the honest truth. We rather say that we operate in a certain way because of something someone said or did to us – good or bad – but our actions are choices that we make all on our own. Instead of saying that you can’t make the changes because of him, her, or them (stop projecting) you have to find it in yourself to do the work. You don’t have control over everything but you do have control over what you do. If what you have been doing is negative then accept responsibility for that. Accept the responsibility for having to facilitate the changes to correct the behaviors or indiscretions.


Whether you are starting your own efforts to change your life or you have reached out to someone else for assistance you must PUSH. I mean this in every way that you can imagine. PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS. Dig deep and find the strength within yourself to PUSH THROUGH. When the person you’ve sought assistance from PUSHES you to achieve your goals, PUSHES you to be uncomfortable, PUSHES you to be a greater version of yourself then PUSH YOURSELF just as hard.

  • What are (3) immediate goals that you would like to accomplish over the next 3-6 months?
  • What daily or weekly habits can you incorporate to accomplish these goals?
  • What habits do you need to eradicate in order to accomplish these goals?
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