Discovering Your Light

Discovering Your Light

“Find out who you are. Do it on purpose.” ~ Dolly Parton

Identifying SELF

Discovering your light. How will you ever discover self if we are programming ourselves to be us? How does one break free of WE to be ME? Who we are as individuals seems to very often become lost in translation. I ask people quite regularly who they are. The responses are always the same. I’m a mom. I’m a wife. I’m an executive. Nice. Those are great titles and they hold a lot of weight but WHO are you? I am a dynamic, loving, caring, responsible, artistic, spiritual, philanthropic, amazing, kick-ass human being. I see the same concept or patterns when speaking to people whom are in long-term relationships. Who are you?  The responses are the same in that titles are thrown out there but these couples do not know who they are anymore as individuals – if they ever did at all. We base our entire identities off of what or who we think we are in relation to other people. For example: I’m a wife. What does that entail? How does that define you?Oh, um…Let’s say that I have a whole list of things on how that defines who I am as a person. I pass with flying colors. Great! Next question: What makes you happy? This is another question that I ask that often draws blanks. You, he, she, or we get so caught up in fulfilling the roles, the list of responsibilities outlined in the job descriptions that we have picked up, that we forget to make sure we are fulfilling the expectations of our initially assigned role – SELF.

The Drive

There are some things that drive us. They are unspoken and have always been there. These aren’t things that someone told us we should do (like being enrolled in piano because of your long fingers and your mother’s dream for you to be a world-class pianist because of it). These are things that come naturally. They are embedded into who we are and invoke our happiness when we let them take over. WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY? If you do not know what it is that makes you happy then you need to find out. You will then also want to determine when it is that you became unhappy. What caused it? When did YOU begin to diminish? You’ve got some homework to do. If you are currently working with me and have received a journal then I need you to begin an entry entitled Journey to Happiness – Step 1. This is the beginning to discovering your light.

Homework: Journey to Happiness – Step 1

Create a list of five things that currently make you happy. I then need you to create a list of five things that have made you happy in the past. If you don’t have anything that comes to mind with the initial list do not worry. As previously stated a lot of people no longer know what makes them happy. If you are able to easily create a list of the things that used to make you happy then you have a starting point! Write an entry on the differences between what makes you happy now versus what made you happy then. Why do you think that those things have altered over time, if at all? If you only were able to create one list (past) then write about what road blocks in your life make you feel that you are unable to have this happiness now. Discovering or ReDiscovering your light, your happiness, is monumental. Happy individuals are more productive. Happy individuals have more fulfilling relationships. Happiness to the soul is like water to the body. It is vital. Let’s get you hydrated!

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