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Wounded: Redefining Urban Fiction

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The only thing that she could hear as her tennis shoes squeaked over the wet pavement was the sound of her own heartbeat pounding within her ears. The many faces of the members of her community were skewed and their voices inaudible as she approached the flashing lights. Her left arm immediately crossed over her eyes to block out the blinding white of the flashlights being aimed in her direction but she did not stop moving.

The street was congested with law enforcement, squad cars, an ambulance and all of the occupants of the now empty homes lining several blocks. Families were huddled together in the dark gloomy night like scared dogs that were both afraid to stay and afraid to runaway. She stood out like a sore thumb in her all white uniform from the hospital looking like the last glimpse of hope anyone would ever see.

“Ma’am, we’re going to have to ask you to stay behind the police line,” a worried looking young white officer held his hands up as she approached. His green eyes let on to the fact that he had just seen some very traumatic things and still didn’t know how he would be able to cope with them. He couldn’t have been over twenty-one and now the rest of his life would be haunted.

Sierra swallowed down the lump in her throat with tears in her eyes and shook her head in defiance. “I need to see him.”

“Ma’am, I’m sorry but unless you’re…”

“He’s my fucking fiancé let me see him!” she shouted out causing the young officer to jump back in fright and turn to his superior officer whom gave him the go ahead to let her pass through.

“I don’t want to comfort you with a false sense of hope, miss,” the older black officer whom wore a badge exhibiting the word CHIEF in bold letters put his heavy hand on her small shoulder. “Things don’t look good as far as your fiancé and your son…” 
“My son?” her eyes widened.

"My son...?

Adenium by Harlyn Bryan

[lead]Deep in the water where only darkness grows lie the hollowed out memories of all she’s known. A lifeless corpse too bogged down to float; such is the consequence of the life she chose…[/lead]


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“You must love the way you taste?”

I look up from the novel that I had been engrossed in, brows furrowed, as the disturbing words so neatly packaged in a deep and rich masculine voice echo in my ears. Against my better judgement I drag my eyes away from my last sentence and upward to determine what kind of a prick would have the nerve to utter the words just spoken to me. I am instantly filled with regret.

The tasteless words originated from perfect lips shielding a crooked yet charming smile. Standing tall above me he gazes down with dark eyes, drowning me in their intrigue, like a young boy whom has just discovered his new favorite thing.

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I note the perfectly combed black hair, the designer button-down shirt with sleeves rolled just pass the forearm, and pressed slacks. He is not wearing a ring but he is a kept man. Everything about him screams that a woman’s touch is ever-present in his day-to-day world.

“Your lip,” he gestures at his own with a pointed index finger. “You’ve been chewing it idly for quite some time so I was only left to conclude that you must love the way that you taste? Incorrect assumption?”





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Harlyn Bryan

To breathe life into words that in turn take flight in the imagination of the reader. THAT is the mark of a great artist. – H.B.

Harlyn Bryan, 32, is the author of the published works Wildfire and Wounded. Bryan has been penning public works since the late 90s online and previously hosted the domain Tasting Eden which was at the time one of the premier sites of the fandom in which she wrote. From Tasting Eden Bryan gave home to several other authors and kick started interviews, book reviews, writing challenges and more in order to broaden the audience reach.

Currently Bryan is at work on her third novel Adenium which is her first foray into suspense. Via RaeOvSun she hopes to continue efforts in assisting and promoting other authors in a similar fashion as TE.



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$10.99 + shipping


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Publication Information

Title: Wildfire
Release Date: 5/15/17

Title: Wounded (2nd Edition)
Release Date: 11/7/17
Originally release 11/2007

Title: Adenium
Release Date: To Be Announced

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Harlyn Bryan

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