-  Impromptu

Trigger Words & Phrases

With the following trigger words and phrases see how much you can come up with and build upon to create a mood, a short story, a chapter, or a full literary piece. Sometimes all we need is a spark to ignite the flame! Feel free to use at your leisure and if you come up with something that you would like to share feel free to join our newly created community and post what you’ve dreamt up! Visit the write link, create a profile, and get registered!

  • Black paint & duct tape
  • Yellow, smooth & soft
  • His favorite tee-shirt
  • A missed phone call
  • Terry cloth robe
  • Dinner with the family
  • Walking the dog and meeting a new neighbor
  • Romance on the waves
  • Railroad tracks, sunset, & a penny


Writing Challenge: Spring 2018

Details coming soon!!!