Tampa is one of those books that the second that you pick it up you are immediately disturbed by but you cannot look away. Teacher/Student relationships are one of the most taboo topics that there is yet they are so

An Empty Nest is the second novel that I have been honored to review by author Sandy Day. This piece is like a series of sketches put together by an author to represent one complete picture. you are served snapshots

Before you read this review you will want to first check out my previous review of the first installment to this trilogy: The Xeno Manifesto by Brysen Mann. In the sequel to Brysen Mann's Xeno Manifesto we pick up right where

Hardened Hearts is a collection of short stories edited by Eddie Generous that center on the darker, less spoken of, aspects of love. This collection, though tethered to this concept, is composed of such wildly different stories and storytellers which

Raina: A Prequel to Jacqueline Willoughby Raina by Schuyler Randall is the prequel to the previously released Jacqueline Willoughby. In this new addition to the storyline we are taken back in time to the source of where all of the murders