A Bargain In Silver by Josie Jaffrey

Really good read! The book is about a girl named Emilia who finds her world changed by the realization that weepers (zombie-like creatures) and the silver, better know as vampires, exist and are taking over. She tries to rebel only to find she has the attention of the head silver and his second in command. In a world where a deadly plague is ravaging mankind she is left with the choice of falling victim to a crumbling world and turning into a weeper or give her life to The Silvers. The book is definitely a good read and leaves the end open for another novel and the reader wanting more of the story.

This is the first novel in Jaffrey’s Solis Invicti 4-part series. If you have a sweet tooth – or fangs rather – for vampire fiction then this is the gateway read for you! For more info on this novel, the author, and the series visit www.josiejaffrey.com

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