Aftan Whispers by Phil Williams

  -  Aftan Whispers by Phil Williams

Aftan Whispers by author Phil Williams is a wildly imaginative dystopian steampunk novel with a plethora of twists and turns that will keep you, the reader, engaged and waiting to see what happens next. This was my first steampunk novel but definitely will not be my last. I loved the imagery that was presented by the author and the diverse characters whom were all greatly developed. I have read a few pieces as of late that have left me asking what is the purpose behind this scene or why should this character be remembered? That was not the case with Aftan Whispers as you could tell how intricately interwoven each moment and characterization was.

Tyler and Deni, our protagonists, are polar opposites. Tyler lives his life through rose-colored glasses under the idea that there is good in the world no matter how dark it may seem. He believes in the good in people and doing what is right no matter the cost. Deni, though she has these very same ideals has had life prove otherwise for her which causes her to be weary of connections and rightfully so. Their lives become entangled in a chance moment right in the beginning of the book and what transpires after is quite the adventure! It is a great thrill ride as we follow this pair and how they draw others into their quest such as Qait and Wallen. Their continued motivation to expose the truth and save Estalia is a great task and is riddled with many setbacks, losses, and scars.

Aftan Whispers is the first in a series by Phil Williams. I’ve given this novel a 4/5 stars. I know there is more to come for this group as it has evolved so much in this introduction alone. The visualization and tones were great and the depth of each character was spot on. There were only a few moments where I felt that the detail in scenery may have been a little too much but overall this was an action-packed read and I would definitely recommend it.