Butterflies Lost Within The Crooked Moonlight by Matt Nagin

Butterflies Lost Within The Crooked Moonlight

by Matt Nagin

The compilation of poetry written by Matt Nagin did not meet my expectations for poetic mastery. Classic poets put depth and feeling into every poem they write invoking something within the reader. Their pieces flow one into the other as you read through their work. This compilation did none of these things for me. As I started reading, the poems did not flow nor did it seem like they should be compiled into a single book of poetry. The poems did not induce any real emotion and many did not have any true meaningful message. The stories that were told in the compilation were very basic in nature reading more as conversations, rants, or observations at face value. They were rather bland and did not invoke a deep sense of the poets feelings on any of the subjects. The compilation was rather superficial compared to the majority of what you expect to see and feel through poems.  As I started reading the collection, the works did not seem to get better and it was hard to keep reading all the way through to the end.


Read Butterflies… for yourself here on and give your take on this poetry collection!

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