Fred’s Funeral by Sandy Day

  -  Fred’s Funeral by Sandy Day

Fred’s Funeral by Sandy Day

From one writer to another I thought that it was a pretty neat thing to utilize real-life letters from the author’s uncle as a basis for this piece. I liked the concept of looking back and seeing how people really feel about you or how little they actually know about your life but that it is too late to correct it or ensure they are getting accurate information after you are gone. The piece was well written but it lost me in some of the transitions and in its conclusion. The hallmark of a novella – what’s next? It stops here?¬†– You want something more that you just aren’t going to get.


As his story unfolded I felt an overwhelming sadness for him and for everything that he had endured in his life. He had been misunderstood and when he returned from the war dealing with PTSD he was sent away to an asylum. I hated that his family really knew so little about him and how disconnected from them all he was. It really made me sit back and ask if I died today how many people really know me and whose narrative of me would they take as fact if they didn’t know for themselves?


I can’t really call her a villain but she’s definitely the antagonist in this tale. She is very much the boss in all aspects and walks around with an air of entitlement about her. I know that we are not supposed to really care for her in the beginning but I like the “bad guys” so I liked her right from the beginning and wanted to know what made her the way that she was and why she had such a disdain for Fred. She held absolutely no sympathy for him in life or in death and that was interesting to read.


Day’s execution with this story was spot on and I feel that she is a great writer. Her descriptions and storytelling were very beautiful to read with only the ending really hanging me up as a reader. It’s not to her fault as sometimes this is just¬†the end but I would recommend it to others. It is an important read and a true insight into a life of a man who could be the life of any man who has served.

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