Not Gods But Monsters by Joshua Banker

Not Gods But Monsters by Joshua Banker was a really good sci-fi/fantasy read! It follows a teenager, Jehn, from a fictional realm who teams up with others who are trying to prevent a businessman from releasing fallen gods and destroying civilization. It reads like a mixture of greek mythology and future ideologies and as the reader you feel like you are part of the action and are side by side with the characters.

This novel is very well written with great characterization but it is a bit on the long side with a lot of different twists and turns, however, it was very easy for me to follow. There are a few grammatical errors that could use some resolution but nothing at all jarring to the reader.

If you would like to check out this novel you can get it here! For more information on the author please check out his website. Banker not only is a talented writer but also a talented artist as he is behind the artwork of his novels!

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