The Legend of the Sky-Titans: Son Of Alpha by Raleigh Daniels Jr.

The Legend of The Sky-Titans: Son of Alpha, a book written by Raleigh Daniels Jr. is about a boy who has to take care of his little sister due to his parents losing their lives.  As they were making a trip to the market, they meet a strange boy who is hurt and hungry and has no recollection of his injuries or his life.  After the meeting, Michael and Nya’s life is turned upside-down.  Michael learns his parents death was not a coincidence and that they were Alphas in a war involving Neomen who are reptilian beings bent on destruction.  Michael must learn how to become an Alpha fast in order to protect his way of life.

Sky-Titans had a really good story line but the execution needs work.  The initial portion of the story used dated terminology that then shifted to present terminology by the end with no indication as to why.  The book felt disorganized and I found it hard to follow the character narratives as there was no real distinction between whose internal dialogue was coming across at any given time. There was not enough development of the individual characters to be able to distinguish one from another based on tone which would have made this easier to interpret. Towards the end of the book Daniels repeated paragraphs and the closing was a little weak. This piece had a great premise, however, it was not well executed.

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