The Xeno Manifesto: Reclamation

  -  The Xeno Manifesto: Reclamation

Before you read this review you will want to first check out my previous review of the first installment to this trilogy: The Xeno Manifesto by Brysen Mann.

In the sequel to Brysen Mann’s Xeno Manifesto we pick up right where we left off with Frank and Zach under the watch of Brother and the Tsiatko. Frank is granted the opportunity to handle the orb

At the open of the second installment in The Zeno Manifesto Trilogy we rejoin both Frank and Zach under the watch of Brother and the Tsiatko. Zach is still not trusted and kept at arms length while Frank has been taken into the fold and is granted the opportunity to handle The Orb which is a task that the Tsiatko themselves will not perform. An informative letter from Mr. H accompanies this task telling Frank to trust no one, including the Tsiatko. From this moment on the high octane adventure initiates.

We learn more of who Felix Belette, the executioner for The Committee, is and just how dangerous and ruthless that he is. He is the same individual from the first novel whom blew up the lab and the geneticists within it. What we did not know then is that shortly thereafter he overthrew his father as lead command and made a name for himself. It is through Felix that we are introduced to Reggie.

Reggie became my favorite character in the series quite quickly. I loved how sharp and calculating that she was. Individuals like Felix Belette did not intimidate her nor stand in her way. Though it was almost like a nervous tick, her constant munching while she worked through her thought process was entertaining. It added to her personality in the same way that speaking aloud her ideas, conclusions and inquiries (without need for anyone else’s responses) did. The way that she was able to walk in, bring Felix to his end, and assume control was cut throat.

What I really appreciated about this second installment was that though so much was laid out in the first novel this one still had so many layers to it. When you think that one thing is going on it is something else entirely. The characters that we thought we knew are not what they seem. Relationships and connections are not as they appear. When you get an answer you end up with a new question which is absolutely required for the middle piece of the puzzle.

Reclamation was definitely not as heavy as The Xeno Manifesto. It laid the foundation and Reclamation keeps the momentum going. With the conclusion of this novel I am definitely ready to see how it all turns out in the third part of the trilogy. Just like with the first book I can see this on the big screen. The idea is so original and so robust. It definitely kept me engaged. Without giving away even more spoilers than I already have, I encourage you to pick up a copy of this and the first novel. I am a fan!

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