Tomas Cudzis and the Struggle for Ju$tice and Truth by Tomas Cudzis

Tomas Cudzis and the Struggle for Ju$tice and Truth by Tomas Cudzis details a young boy’s journey from a lanky child to a street fighter. It begins with the introduction of a pull-up bar into the household by Tomas’ father and his own personal challenge to himself to just do one, and then one more, and then reps to transform himself. When he begins to get attention for what he can do despite his small stature he continues to level up especially after a moment in time of falling off and not dieting well. An ongoing theme I noted as a reader was Tomas’s constant need to improve or be better than what his own ideal was even though those around him felt he had already accomplished or exceeded the goal.

I felt a connection to the young boy in the beginning of the story and thought that the incorporation of the songs (by title only) that the author referenced within each chapter was pretty awesome. I definitely grabbed my headphones to set the mood to what I was reading so that was a nice addition. I’ve been submerged in the gym before so I can understand “the pump” and always “pushing through”. However, as Tomas grew older that connection to him as a character fell away for me. It seemed that the story was always focused on the body building and levelling up and that MAY be what it was about. The deepest relationship I felt that Tomas maintained was that of his mother and his martial arts master but even still it seemed like those relationships were in the backdrop. There was notation to possible regrets with women but we never saw enough of them to understand why other than a mere mention here and there.

This title is part one in a to be continued series. If you would like to check this book out for yourself you can do so here.

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