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 Wildfire by Harlyn Bryan

$3.99 Kindle Edition
$16.99 Paperback

Synopsis: Perfect. It was the only word that could describe the relationship of super couple Quinten Duran and Camille Henderson. Alone they were already two of music’s hottest superstars but once they came together they became a media feeding frenzy. The world watched with bated breath as they became America’s sweethearts and quickly cast their judgement when it began to fall apart. Can they survive the flames fanned by the insatiable thirst of their fans for more or will they ultimately be devoured by the wildfire?

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Wounded by Nakia J. Harlan

$15.84 Paperback

Synopsis: Sometimes there is a sense of comfort in chaos that peace cannot provide. After a tragic episode on the streets of her old neighborhood Sierra Vincent left town vowing to never return to the place of her nightmares. It is by chance that she meets and falls for big time hustler Nick Maguire at a house party and from that point forward she finds herself once again entangled in the web of a war that she did not create. Follow her path back to a place she never wished to go and to a person that she believed she had left behind.

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Note: Second edition pending, nom de plume update