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Since I’ve been on leave and ultimately end up at home 99.9% of the time while hubs is at work with the car I’ve come across a new thing for me – online shopping – which I have determined is a dangerous path to stumble upon. I just like getting things in the mail! It’s a sick thing I swear. Ooh, what is that on TV? Let me see if I can find it online…What is that on YouTube? I bet I can get that online!

I DO try to see if I can find things in stores first but the mall closest to the house sucks and 9/10 does not have it in stock or even sell whatever it is that I am looking for. I think my dear friends and family should just send me snail mail and that will cure my itch. Bills don’t count because no one wants that!

I’m back to work in a little over two weeks. Maybe I won’t buy any other senseless items that I truly do not need.

Amazon…eBay…WISH….let me be!

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