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When it comes to this story, Wildfire, is a narrative that I found myself writing over and over again until I’d gotten it right. This is not a new story. This is a new to you story. I first composed this novel when I was about 16 years old and as I think about it i may have been slightly younger than that. I wrote with a voice far beyond my years and though I published my first novel, Wounded, first it most certainly was not the first completed item. Wounded was a step outside of the box for me as Wildfire was really me coming into my own (at that time) as a writer. I didn’t release it until now, ten years after the first, because though in my opinion it is the better novel I felt that I had more to lose with this one. Wildfire consumed me as I wrote it in my youth and it gained a huge following for me in its first draft (don’t put me on blast, I cannot deal with the 50 Shades tattling of fanfiction lol) but it defined who I was as a writer. If it wasn’t well-received that would have been painful for my first release. I love where I was going with Wounded but it wasn’t my baby. This one was.

Wildfire, for me, is a dramatic romance or a romantic drama…I say that because I do not write Harlequin novels. You won’t read my work and hear violins 🎻 playing and the majesty of waterfalls against the backdrop. It’s not my style. There’s romance. There’s drama. It’s just it’s own thing. It’s centered around a relationship between two entertainers and how that plays out in the public eye but the meat of it is about them, these two individuals, that are strong and independent but need one another. They make bad decisions. You’ll see them grow from young adults into mature human beings. Some of it is awkward because life is awkward. You can see yourself in them and those that surround them. It’s a BIG book but it’s a quick read and ultimately I hope that you enjoy it the way my initial audience did — you all pushed me to keep getting better and better and you know who you are — and that it’s something you can always pick up and re-read. 10+ years later I still read it like I’m not the one who wrote it and have no idea what happens next! 

Enjoy my FIRST actual completed novel and stay tuned to see how different my writing is now as an adult…

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