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Snippet for WOUNDED by Harlyn Bryan:

The block pulsed with the soundtracks of street lyricists promoted to moguls and the imagery of their newfound lavish lifestyles flickered on TV screens in neighborhoods where their outcomes could only be furnished by the sell of narcotics. Sound systems hummed and thumped, kicked and hissed, and in the backdrop children danced with smiles and laughter impregnating their bellies. Rocking and foldout chairs creaked and scratched against withering wooden porches, bare feet pat the weathered surfaces, soles of over-expensive sports shoes drumming up and down stairs and beating the cement.

It was summer time.

The heat that summer peaked at triple digits and was the kind that would drive any man mad. Droplets of perspiration ran down the skin like condensation on a glass of iced sweet tea warming in the sun. The neighborhood crawled with unrest under hazy nights and scorching hot days and though the heat of the day was tormenting it was welcomed in comparison to those nights. Those nights where the air cooled if only a touch but rivalries boiled over into blood stained streets riddled with bullets and vengeance.

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