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You would think after all these years I’ve been in this position that I would have learned some loop hole to Terminate an employee that would be suitable to meet the endless legal needs, per HR..nope

In today’s society everyone needs a reason besides the obvious. YOU!

I hear so many times “but I need this job” but it usually after dozens of attendance points have been collected for “enter in reason” or poor performance due to someone else’s guidance or even the infamous “so and so doesn’t like me that is why I cannot succeed” 

Looking in the mirror is nonexistent. Taking responsibility..never Or take a hold of the wheel!!!!!! Nah, my hands hurt.

Success is easy. Sharing personal success not so. Everyone wants a bite of the pie unless it’s made of shit..

Guess what…eat shit once in a while. 

Even shit comes in shades of “Green”…

I guess this a another bump in the road I have created. These are just thoughts that need to be released. I know better....


  • I laughed out loud at the shades of green, lol!

    October 18, 2017
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