-  Blogging   -  Book Review: The Candy Cross by Autumn Arden

Readers, today I present to you my book review of Autumn Arden’s The Candy Cross! This piece is categorized under fiction with a release date of December 12, 2017 and was definitely a thrill ride! Please click on the thumbnail of the book cover to read the full review. The synopsis is as follows:

It all began when she crossed Candy. 

On the sands of Malibu, MJ Mallory meets the most compelling and seductive man she has ever known, a mysterious figure who is both an outlaw and a sensuous hard-bodied sea angel. The fascination and steamy desire she discovers is matched by his for her. 

MJ Malory is a celebrity lifestyle guru known as “the most interesting woman in the world.” Her deepest secret is a lost bad-girl past. She was involved in a paranormal triangle that led to two murders. Years later one of the dead returns as a walking nightmare named Candy. 

Candy has a revenge plot to destroy MJ’s world, take her for millions, and “bathe in her blood.” And MJ’s mysterious new lover is part of the plot. This can go one of two ways for MJ: a romance hotter than Medieval Evil from Hell, or the brutal end.

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