As I have been busily making changes to the layout here at RaeOvSun *presentation!* my fiance has in turn been judging me heavily on content.

Other than book reviews and sales what else can you do on your site?

My smart response was whatever I want! However, clearly, I understood what that question really meant. So, as spring break is upon us I have begun to add just a little bit more content and “things to do”! The very first new addition to the site is the #IMPROMPTU link which currently has a few writing prompts starting off with key words and phrases. More in-depth prompts to include writing challenges for authors will be posted there I’m sure within the next day or two. I’m a busy bee.

Our second new installment here on RaeOvSun is a FREE writing archive. Those that know me know that I came from the days of fanfiction.net, NSYNCfiction.Com/Net, so my go-to has always been efiction software. I recently (literally today) came across a new plugin for wordpress that basically allows the same functionality. So you will now see a nifty link in the navigation simply titled WRITE. Via this link you can register for a free account, once I verify you’re a real person you can become a writer — yes I am terrified of spamming bots! — With this newfound power you can respond to writing challenges, post what you are currently working on, write poetry, kick-start fanfiction fandoms here — the world is your oyster. I posted a super short just to see its functionality so it’s super easy.

Next on the agenda? PROMOTIONS for AUTHORS & NOVELS! Until then, check out the new additions and check back daily for more news! Remember, every friday we will post a new book review! Check out what is coming up next and the amazing books we’ve already reviewed!

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